Saturday, June 06, 2009

New Music: Amerie - Dear John

UPDATE: This is actually an unreleased track from her last album "Because I Love It"

Amerie is currently working on her sophmore album "In Love & War", a new song from her recording sessions recently made its way online, the track is titled "Dear John", have a listen below:

I thought she was going for a more "Hip-Hop, Soul, and Rock" themed album, this one definately has a cheesy pop vibe to it, jugding from the last couple of songs we've heard from the project, this one definatley seems out of place. Enough of all these mid tempo's, I really want to hear a hot dance record from her. Since "One Thing", she hasn't really had any hot dance tracks.

Dear John - Listen Download


  1. This won't be on the album.

  2. this is a track from the "because i love it" time.. its a old track =)


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