Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Music: Chris Brown - Not My Fault

Chris Brown is currently working on his new album "Graffiti", a new song which is supposed to be from his recent recording sessions just hot the net, the track is titled "Not My Fault". Peep the Neptunes produced cut below:

Not My Fault | Listen | Download

"Not My Fault" eh? A track titled "Not My Fault" casually leaks a day after he plead guilty to assault and got 5 years probabtion, hmmm. I still cant believe Chris is working on new music, I thought he would have taken like a 2 year break and then come back. I feel he would be more anticipated that way, but I wish him luck, he's a good artist


  1. lol... nothing that stars do surprises me anymore....hahaha

  2. it may have been nice if he'd waited a bit, cos there r still a lot of bad blood against him right now. but den, maybe if he waits too long he'd be forgotten & his haters may never stop hating on him no matter how long he stays away. I love his music sha, & will listen to him whenever he releases something nice.

  3. listened to the song. it's nice.


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