Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Video: Cassie Ft. Diddy - Must Be Love

The video for Cassie's Diddy assisted single "Must Be Love" premiered a couple of hours ago online. Check out the Bernard Gourley directed cut below:

The song with an amzing video would have had some potential, I mean lots of creative looks, an actual storyline, a hot dance routine, that sort of stuff. But instead they are fooling around next to a wall, can someone say "Snooze Fest". Next please!


  1. yeah im super bored, n p diddy shouldnt even be here, hes bringing down the already boring song lol

  2. hmmm...

    It did need something. I definitely fast forwarded through it. But its a good song. Still think her vocals need work, but she try sha =)

  3. i agree with "Anonymous." Why is Diddy there?! i mean really... c'mon now.

  4. omg all the time she wears the damn same outfitt? whatz wrong with bad boy productions? no money no more? haha

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