Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Video: Day26 - Girlfriend

Check out the latest msuic video from Day26, The track is titled "Girlfriend" and along with "Truth is a Lie" will be the next singles off their latest album "Forever in a Day" peep the video below:

Lackluster, lackluster, lackluster...They have songs like "Your Heels", "So Good"... and they are releasing this. "Girlfriend" is an okay song, its really not that bad but its not a wise single choice. I dont know what the overall plans are, maybe they would release those songs in the future but why not hit with your best shot now? it only makes sence. The album is nowhere to be found on the Billboard 200 and what, it was only release like 2,3 months ago.

To top things off, they've only gone and made a another video "Truth is a Lie" which premieres on Yahoo music later today. smh.


  1. Loving it....keep it going guys. and wishing them tons of luck at the BET Awards preshow this SUNDAY!!!

  2. Love this song and the video is great! Can't wait to see them perform Sunday!

  3. I love Dy26, cant wait to see them on sunday

    Im happy Que finally got camera time.


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