Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tours: Beyonce Duets With George Michael on "If I Were a Boy"

During the last leg of her "I Am..." tour last night in the UK, Beyonce brought out a special guest for a duet on her hit single "If I Were a Boy". Check a short clip of Beyonce and George Michael performing "If I Were a Boy" below:

That was fantastic, I would have never expected that. The US Leg of the "I Am..." tour starts next week.


  1. AWESOME !!!
    Queen B looking FIERCE with those GLASSES

  2. She's definitely looking fierce for real...I can't wait to c her in Vegas...just amazing.

  3. hmmm couldnt get the vid...wonder what that sounds like. Soooo boy George is singing "if I was a boy"...what in the hell do he think he is, o sorry dont answer that!!


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