Friday, July 24, 2009

Erm...OK: Solange Shaves Off Hair and Then Wears a Wig!

So if you didnt know, Beyonce;s liitle sister (Solange) went and chopped off asll her hair, she debuted the new look on Wednesday whilst out and about. The singer was later spotted Dita Von Teese’s burlesque performance at Avalon weqaring a wig.

She looks so much better with long hair in my opinion but thats not to say she cant look the same with the short do, she just gotta spice it up abit, I think It'll work!


  1. OMG, i dont like the look...she not fine anymore, ugly wig *nodding to Solange's song in my head*

  2. i think the look can work, but she needs to stop going around wearing wigs

  3. what is rong wit these hair shaving girls....see brittney what youve done!!

  4. Dare to be different...

    It's not a requirement that everybody wears wigs/weaves, and have super straight hair.
    If that's what she wants to do with her hair,
    that's HER business.

    I dig it though.


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