Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michelle Williams "Roxie Hart" Debut in Chicago

Yesterday, Michelle Williams took on the role of ruthless murderess Roxie Hart in the west end productiion of "Chicago". Yesterday (July 13th) was her first show and I was privilallged enough to meet her as well as watch her on her openning night.

All I can say is, if you are in town, "Chicago" is the show to see, Michelle really did "Roxie Hart" justice, the whole show is actually really good. Below is some video footage I manged to get, I couldnt really use my camera because so many people were watching me, its like word got out I was recording and they didn't leave me alone. Anyway enjoy:

Video Removed!!!

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1 comment:

  1. I'm sooo proud of Michelle, and excited for you that you got to see the show!

    Cool video, i'm glad you were able to give us a little peak w/out getting put out! lol


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