Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Music: Alexander Burke - Overcome

The 2009 X-Factor winner, Alexander Burke has been working hard on her debut album for the past 7 months over in the US, working with amazing producers. Up till now, no music has leaked from her past recording sessions. A new track titled "Overcome" made its way online not too long ago, the song was produced by Ryan Tedler, listen to it below:

Ive been desperate to hear new music from her, the song is not bad! The vocals are definatley very strong, we all know she can blow but i dont think this song does musch fotr her. Its an okay song to put on the album, but i dont see its single poitential, I just hope to hear better song from her, because this doesnt really do much for me.



  1. Sounds like bad version of "Battlefield" Alexandra is doing her thing but the producer could have made a better beat. The song is iight.


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