Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Music: Christina Milian - Chameleon

Christina Milina is currently working on her 3rd studio album "Elope", a new track from her recent recording sessions made its way online, the track is titled "Chameleon" and also features her Finacee The Dream. Take a listen below:
Just when folks started to sleep on her, girl comes out with a BANGER!!! The song is hot from begging to end, loving the sound of her voice on this. It doesnt sound like anything out at the moment, very inovative and fresh! Its got this inocent yet sudductive vibe to it and the almost wispered vocals sound SEXY as hell! I love how the song could easily be an accapella with the faded drums in the backgroud, Im now anticipating more music from her.



  1. naw..come on..this is not as good as described...don´t know why-but this chick has no talent in my opinion.she looks nice-that´s it...nothing special...

  2. Hey , Im Christina [ No not Christina Milian , Duhh ] Anyway , Christina Milian is a great singer , She has lots of talent . She's also a good actress too . & Reguardless of what anybody says about her , Shawdie is making her money while your wasting your time talking about her . I just felt the need to point that out to everybody . Btw, I like the Chameleon song , It sounds real good & the melody is sorta hypnotizing .


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