Monday, July 20, 2009

Official: Chris Brown Apollogizes For Beating Up Rihanna//Wants To Be a Role Model

The video needs no introduction as the title says it all. Peep the video via YouTube below:

"Chris Brown's first public video apology directed to his fans and to Rihanna. Chris is sorry about what has happened and is dedicated to becoming a better man, and to earning the forgiveness and trust of his fans and the world."

The video was obiviously scripted, Im not saying this is/not genuine. But I feel like for the apollogy to come across more sincere, it should have just been him and the camera, and him pouring out his heart. This just looks like it was written by someone, looked over by someone else and then given to him to read out. Nethertheless, an apology is an apology...His new album is coming out soon and im sure theres a single in the works, so this apology should do him well.


  1. hmm..i hope he has learned a lesson or two

  2. I feel they wanted him to read from the cards or whatever to make sure he didn't fumble over anything or say something that he wasn't supposed to.
    I think he was really truly sorry for what happened, and I forgive him for it.
    Why hasn't Miss 'Good Girl Gone Bad' apologized
    or spoken out on HER part in the situation?
    She did hers too BUT I digress...
    I just hope folks can move on from this and leave him be.
    All those that still wanna condemn him after this acting like they've NEVER made a mistake better be perfect and walking around with wings and a halo.

  3. apology accepted....MUAH!!


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