Friday, July 24, 2009

Ugh: Michelle Williams, Jay Z and Co Celebrate 29th Birthday

Hi! My name is Sasha im the newest adition to the "Freesh&Fab" team. I hope i can be as entertaining as the other authors on the site, so sit back and enjoy! Im Sasha once again, I just opened a twiiter page, catch up with me there.

Michelle Williams from Destinys Child, celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday (July23rd)at a nightclub in London, England. Friends included Jay Z, came out to support the singer.

Oh, Fragile thing, What ever happened to teh sexy curvaceous Michelle we once knew in DC? The whole look is doing nothing for her, the top the leggings, scream "96" and Im not even going to get into the hair. C'mon girl, sort yourself out!

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