Monday, July 20, 2009

Whitney Houston "I Look To You" Album Track Listings

The track listings for Whitney Houstons new album "I Look To You"(Sept 1st) was recently revealed, check it out below:

1. Million Dollar Bill
2. Nothin’ But Love
3. Call You Tonight
4. I Look To You
5. Like I Never Left (feat. Akon)
6. A Song For You
7. I Didn’t Know My Own Strength
8. Worth It
9. For The Lovers
10. I Got You
11. Salute

Her offical first single from the album is set to be released in a couple of days, Im shocked "Like I never Left" made the album, it was a really crappy song. I jhope thats not an indication to the sound of the rest of the album. Anyway, I really cant wait to hear this album!

1 comment:

  1. Hmm.."Like I Never Left" was actually a pretty nice song.
    Can't wait for the album!


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