Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interview: Kelly Rowland in USA Today

Kelly Rowland did an interview with USA Today she talked about her international success with David Guetta, performing on Miss Universe and leaving Matthew Knowles. It's a pretty interesting interview peep a snippet of it below.
"I feel empowered. Finally," Rowland says with a laugh and a snap of her fingers. "When you don't believe in yourself, you feel like you're living in fear. You don't give yourself the opportunity to believe that you can. And as much as you tell yourself you can't do it, you end up not doing it. Me? I was complacent and comfortable where I was."

"Here, sometimes it's like my music didn't quite work, but overseas it's on top of everybody's chart. I've had more international success than domestic success, and I think that opens my eyes up to music. I mean, I just got back from performing in Lebanon. Lebanon!" she says.

To read the full interview, and check out few exclusive candis, visit here.

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