Sunday, August 02, 2009

Magazine Covers: Maxwell Covers "Giant" Magazine

Neo-soul singer, Maxwell is on the latest issue of "Giant" magazine. The 36 year old singer will be featured in a 12 page spread on the August issue of the magazine. Peep the cover below:

The line-up could have been abit sharper, but cool cover. lol.


  1. thank god GIANT is back, and ima need for Maxwell to get a lining...that nappy ish is NOT the biz-

  2. Cool cover. I'm a big fan of Maxwell. It's nice to see him on the cover.

  3. Nice cover...Giant always has beautiful photos! So glad that Maxwell is back! Speaking of soulful artists...everyone needs to buy that new K'Jon album becuz I heard it and it is GREAT! Its called I Get Around and it comes out tomorrow, August 4th, 2009!


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