Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Music: Amerie - Heard 'Em All [2nd Single]

Amerie is getting ready for the release of her new album "In Love And War" on September 25th. A new song titled "Heard Em All" recently hit the net and is said to be the album's 2nd single, listen to it below:

The Sean Garrett and Eric Hudson produced cut is a big time banger, I dont know why they slowed down the progression process of her album with "Why R U", that was not a strong statement single at all. This is, and I hope it kicks off the album for her. "Heard Em All" would be impacting radio next week.

Heard Em All|Listen|Download


  1. Hello my friend I love the new banner! Also I'm really feelin this new Amerie song. Just the single she needs to get her back on the high road. Amerie is seriously underated and i don't know why hahaa!! How've you been I don't hear from you anymore!!! - Kaleo

    Kaleo's Music Boom Box

  2. hey man, long time..thank u very much, i think this shudda been Ameries 1st single, i dont know why they messed her up with "why r u"

  3. Her voice has always been so extremely irritating to me.
    If things don't pick up this time around,
    she should be a model.

  4. i lov e it, i love her, that pic is fierce


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