Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sugababes Perform "About a Girl" [2nd Single], "Heartbreak" & "Get Sexy"

The Sugababes recently took to the stage of at Midland Music Festival, the performe some new suts from thirer upcoming 7th studio album. They performed "About a Girl", Thank You For The Heartbreak" and thier latest single "Get Sexy".

[About a Girl]

[Thank You For The Heartbreak]

WOW! I am so loving "Thank You For The Heartbreak", the song is straight up fire!!! Plus the RedOne produced 2nd single, "About a Girl" is not bad too, it could have been better though, but its definately a grower.

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They performed the hell out of "Get Sexy", I must say i was really impressed with their dancing and stage presence. Those girls better work!!!

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