Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Album Sampler Fab: Amerie - In Love & War

Courtesy of now, for those who can't wait to pick up Amerie's new album "In Love & War"? You can listen to Amerie's "In Love & War" Album Sampler: Which features 4 new snippets from the album, as well as the 2 singles "Why R U" and "Heard Em All". Listen below:

I didnt love her first single "Why R U", but I was really feeling the 2nd single"Heard Em' All". The music is taking me "Higher", Amerie is really blowing me away with these snippets, especially the song "Higher", I'm loving the hell out of that, straight up R&B fire! I cant wait to her the full version. Im looking forward to her album now.

Amerie - In Love & War [Album Sampler]

"In Love & War" comes out in Stores Nov. 3rd 2009!


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  1. Yes I agree the snippet of HIGHER is amazing! So far that's my favorite cut Ive heard off the album. Love the whole graphic concept she's been giving in her photos. Is that the offical album cover?


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