Monday, September 07, 2009

New Music: Destiny's Child - Heart

Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle are currently working on their 7th studio album and a new song "Heart" is said to be from their recent recording sessions...LOL, I wish!

"Heart" is an unreleased track from their previous recording sessions and for some strange reason, just made its way online now. Listen tot he Scott Storch produced cut below:

I hope the ladies can come together once again and make another album, becuase they are all great on their own, but as Destiny's Child they become even greater. As for the song "Heart" its cool, nothing really to scream about.

Destiny's Child - Heart [Music Download]


  1. I think they should stay together.....sheesh!\

    how are you?

  2. yeah they betta come together !

  3. im fine hun, yh they should. at leasst for one last album

  4. i wish more of their unreleased tracks would leak! lol


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