Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Video: Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys

Check out the music video for 2008 X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burkes debut single "Bad Boys". This will be the 1st single off her upcoming album "Overcome". Watch the Brain Barber directed clip below:

LOVING THAT! Its obvious now, she is not getting thesame treatment as the previous xfactor winner "Leona Lewis" did, because so far everything about her project has been "Budget" (Same dress in the promo pic (Above), on the album cover and in the video, I'm just saying lol.).

But, she is somehow making it work for her. The dancing in the video was on point, homegirl can move. Its very rare that a winner from a reality show, brings so much "FIRE"to the scene as Alexander has, I really think she could actually give a couple of these chicks out now, a good run for their money.

I cant wait to see what the album sounds like, it comes out October 26th.

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