Friday, September 11, 2009

Tyra Banks Goes "Weaveless" For New Season of The Tyra Show

Tyra Banks is showing the world "The Real Her" yet again on the 5th season of her Emmy winning talk show, The Trya Banks Show. Peep a clip from the season premiere below:
Nice look, just something else to be jealous about girls, she has great hair!


  1. She does look nice. Some folks hate on Tyra, but I like her. It is nice to see someone REAL in hollyweird.

  2. lol hollyweird :D
    yeah she looks nice

  3. u think she has "great" hair, you must be barking mad. I should think its because you are a gu8y, thats why you think that.

    Thats standard black girl hair, no volume, nothing...doesnt make me jelous whatsoever


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