Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fresh&fab on::The X-Factor 2009 {Week 1}

The new series on The X-Factor kicked off yesterday, for the next couple of weeks, ill bring you my little 2 cents of each show. Yesterdays show wasn't really anything thing to scream about, only a few people stood out but it was the judges that had tongues wagging..

Simon Cowell was really horrible to "Miss Frank" who tackled Michaels Jackson's "Whose Loving You" and Judges Cheryl and Danni really laid into "Kandy Rain", their comments were way too harsh and uncalled for.

"Miss Frank" were on of my favorites, they really looked like a group and they sounded beautiful together, great choice of song.

Darryl Johnson was really good too, he sand "And I Am Telling You" and blew everyone away with fantastic note at the end.

John and Edward on the other hand made me laugh alot, Louis Walsh picked them to go through o the live shows, knowing fully well they are not great vocalists, they embarrassed themselves up there in my opinion. A mess!

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