Sunday, November 15, 2009

1 Room For Beyonce & 1 Room for Her 14 dresses, lots of shoes, make-up and 25 wigs.

Singer Beyonce Knowles rented a lavish $4,000-a-night Charles Forte Presidential Suite at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, UK, while performing nearby this week, but there just wasn't enough space for her luggage. Tough life. After struggling to find space for her 12 bags, she finally had her entourage book a second room for her stuff.

A source at Liverpool’s Malmaison hotel, where the star took a $283-a-night room for her luggage, said: "She had seven suitcases, three hand-luggage bags and two boxes, all for her mammoth concert. In the cases there were, apparently, 14 dresses, lots of shoes, make-up and 25 wigs."

It took four helpers to carry her luggage up the stairs to the room, which was situated close to the Liverpool Echo Arena, where she performed twice this week.

Beyonce is not the only singer who refuses to travel light. Last year, Mariah Carey flew to London for a three-day trip – and brought 20 suitcases with her. A source said at the time: “The guys at the airport seemed to be struggling under the load, but Mariah and her husband, Nick Cannon, just breezed straight through.”-Source

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