Thursday, November 19, 2009

50 Cent: "Baby By Me" Live Performance on Conan O Brien//"Before I Self Destruct" To Sell "140k-150k"

50 stopped by the Conan O Brien show to perform his new single "Baby By Me" as well as a sat down interview. Watch the performance up top. According to HitsDailyDouble, his new album "Before I Self Destruct" is set to sell between 140 - 150k.

Watch the interview after the jump*


  1. Hi, sorry for the late response, this is crazy here!
    now following you with rss feed and blogger, follow me too ;)


  2. Man I missed it!! Oh wait, I'm not a big 50 cent fan. But, I do like ho he's taking care of Rick Ross kid

  3. if Kelly didn't show up, i don't care! lol i swear she's the only reason i kind of like the song


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