Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fresh and Fab: BACK IN ACTION!!!

Hello Everyone (Whoever's still out there)...we have been away for like a year or even more, I dont think its more...but its been a while...we were having serious problems with the site, with a few of our authors, blog layout, its been a serious mess. I wouldnt know where to start from.

But ive got some updates, we are fully back, ready to update you with all your latest music news, fashion roundup, celebrity juice and more.

We have some work we are doing with our site (Layout and more), at the end of it, itll look amazing (not to blow our own horn, but it will), we just need some time and paitence. We have some exciting things we are working on, im not going to give much away, but you guys will like a lot. For now, we are making do with this layout, beautiful and better things are definatly yet to come.

Part of the little problems we had included our "Letoya Luckett "Lady Love" Competition"...some receieved their CD and some didnt and we sincerly appologise for that, we are working on that and the people who didnt get their CD, will be hearing from us very soon.

Another thing, because of the time we've been away for, WE LOST MOST OUR READERS AND SUPPORTERS...We want you all back, and we just want you guys to spread the word, word of mouth...tell them "freshandfab is back, bigger and better". If you guys are reading this "Leave those blogs you started visiting when you left here, you dont have any use of their services now" hehe(But im being serious). So sit back and enjoy


  1. Welcome back, Fab!!!!!!
    Never stopped looking....
    Hope all is great with you and now let's read those news ;-)



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