Friday, May 24, 2013

Mariah Live on GMA: Amazing or A Mess?

Mariah Carey took to the stage of Good Morning America this morning and many people are talking about it. Have your say below: What happened?

Wardrobe malfunction and all, Mariah Carey starts of with a live version of her 90's hit "Always Be My Baby". It was shaky in parts but for what it was worth, i think she did a good job. It wasn't a bad performance.

 She then goes into her new single #Beautiful featuring Miguel. This was the performance that people were saying "was a mess" and "Terrible" and she sounded "like shit" lol. I dont think she sounded as bad as people are making it, its beautiful song that has alot of soft vocals, not like her other songs that require a big vocal see "Make it happen", "Vision of love".

 She also performed "We Belong Together", 100% live and out of all her performance this was the strongest vocal, she looked abit pissed off in some parts though, I don't understand. She could have done without the outro but i think she did a great job overall. Then again im a huge Mariah Fan, so everything she does is amazing in my eyes. But i will definatley call a spade a spade.

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