Monday, February 25, 2008

NEW VIDEO:::Estelle Ft Kanye West-American Boy

Check out the new video from estelle "American Boy" Ft Kanye West. American Boy is the second single off of Estelle’s upcoming album Shine, set for release May 6th. I like the concept of the video.


  1. I'll have to view this one when I'm near some speakers, but I love Estelle. May is a long time from now. Gotta check her blog too, haven't been there in a min.

  2. I love this video and the outfits. Estelle is such a cool chick. She raps, sings, writes, produces...the girl is talented. I really like her hair too.

  3. i love this song & the video ... loves it !!

  4. I can't see the video... why??? why me???
    everybody is loving it....


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