Monday, February 25, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Mariah Carey-"Touch My Body" Sneak Peek

Check out a sneak peek of the most anticipated video from Mariah Carey, This video is not really doing anything for me at this stage. The full video premieres on Wednesday.

"Drumroll please...not only does Mariah Carey have a beautiful voice and an incredible new album coming out, she's also got a great sense of humor. In this sneak preview of Mimi's video for her first single off of E=MC², "Touch My Body," she invites the delightfully dorky Jack McBrayer (who you might know as Kenneth from 30 Rock) to, uh, touch her body, have a lingerie pillow-fight and play frisbee. And that's just from the 45 seconds we've seen!"


  1. hmm, big fan of Mariah but this doesnt do much for me. Maybe i need to hear the full song but the video is already really irritating. Same formula all the time, Rubber band dress, maximum cleavage, over the top attempts to be sexy...its boring.

  2. This looks friggin awful. I h8 "Touch My Body" as well its so boring and bland. First single from her last album "Its Like That" it had an amazing video and the song was good.

    Touch my body is crap

  3. I agree with both of you, i though touch my body was a bad song choice to beging with and this video peek is nothing special.

    the song doesnt show off her voice enough, but i guess it will do well.

  4. I'm a mariah fan, like the song, will most likely get the album. But please, why oh why is a grown woman who is pushing 40 running round in a school uniform?!

  5. No, she doesn't full my expectations.
    There's something about the video that's weird.


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