Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out and About With:

Fat Joe and Jay Holiday Hit up Trl Yesterday.

Fanatsia and boyfriend were snapped leaving Mr Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills last night
she just came back from Africa(Angola) with a film crew from “American Idol” accompanying her. The trip was for the “Idol Gives Back” special, which will air Wednesday, April 9th on Fox.

Trina was sppoted performing at Wild Splash 2008 in Florida last week. She Decided to ditch the panties.

Where has she been, Nivea was spotted out recently looking a hot hot mess.

Nichole Rejoined Pussycat dolls for a show at in Kuiwait.


  1. Fanatsia and Young Dro actually looks like a cute couple...

    Nivea... yes hot mess is what she is in this pic...

  2. My breakdown:
    1. J Holiday just never clicked with me. I liked "Bed," but after that, everything else kind of cheesed out.

    2. Fantaasia has all black hair again Yeeeaahh!!!!! We all remember the funk skunk look she rocked a couple af weeks back.

    3. If you enlarge the pic, it looks like Trina has on some of those "girdle" things that Beyonce wears under her performance clothes. Still, I know Trina had time to put on something better before she went on stage.

    4. Nivea needs to stop playing. I know her shirt buttons are screaming for mercy. Somebody should've told her she looks the fool.

  3. there is something about fantasia that doesn't sit right wt me.

    who cares were nivea has been? she can redisappear.

    give me one gist fresh and fab! help and find out on country singer Uncle Cracker. where the hell is he?

  4. Am feeling J. Holiday's "Suffocate" he's a cutie

    Trina needs to sit her broke down lame rhyme spewing behind down somewhere. How many way can you say "I'm the Baddest?" *Rolling eyes*

    Nivea is most def a Hot arse mess

    Nicole should have never left the PCD to begin with. Did she really think she would make it solo?

  5. fantasia's lookin better
    Niea. Why?the blonde.the coolaid pink. no hon. sit down

  6. I thought that was Jordan Sparks at first, but now that I know it's Trina, I'm not surprised.

  7. Nivea! What in da world happened to her!? I guess Lil' Weezie turned her on to that 'Frank Lucas'. So sad!

    Marcus LANGFORD


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