Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guess Who?


Guess who the two youngsters are, No clues, one is already too obvious

Click the picture and find out.

Picture courtesy of Juicy-UK & Celeb-Blitz


  1. diddy or whatever his name is these days (sean combs) is the negro on the left...dunno about the little girl...looks amerie-ish...

  2. Cassie And Diddy! lol/ nice post

  3. Diddy and Kim will never be over.

    F&F you have been tagged, check out this link,

    Please have fun with it.

  4. oh i LOVE your blog, its simply fresh n always full of fabulousness! KEEP DOING UR THANG.
    yh the 1st photo is diddy aka sean coombs, but i wouldnt bet any money on who the second is coz thats a tricky one. previously thought it might have been kimora lee simmons (aka russell simmons' ex-wife). LOL

  5. Now you know that jacked up jawline and ugly smile was Diddy... but had no idea that cute lil girl was Cassie

  6. Diddy has always looked the same since he was young

  7. They both look they same!....

    Cassie and Diddy of course!

  8. Cassie and Diddy. Seeing this side by side further illuminates the age difference between them & now it seems even more gross. Thanks a lot LOL :(


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