Monday, April 21, 2008

Jill Scott & Gabrielle Pose Nude


Check out Jill Scott and Gabriells Union Posing nude in the May issue of Allure Magazine (Nude issue).

Jill Says

"Nobody ever celebrates women whose bodies are bigger than a size 8. But here I am, naked in a magazine at size 16 ... We are all beautiful, each and every one of us... I am not a small girl, but I think I am an average-sized American woman. I have been blessed with family and friends who appreciate all sides of me."

Good on ya girl. They both look great

Pictures from Urban-hoopla


  1. These pics were done very well and I must say that Ms Scott is one brave chic because I don't know if I couldn't done it. But they both look really great.

  2. Jilly from Philly looks amazing!

  3. did i just see gabrielle's vagina? shit i'm turned on......sike!


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