Wednesday, April 02, 2008

NEW MUSIC Michelle Williams, Ludacris & Mariah Carey

I just found this new music from Michelle Williams which leaked last night, the track is titled "Till The End Of The World" and it's going to be on the Sex & The City movie soundtrack. smart move, that movie is gonna be one of the hottest movies out this year, being on the soundtrack is something.


Listen To::Mariah Carey-Migrate

Another new Mariah Carey joint, "Migrate" ft T-pain. She performed this on SNL,its going to be on her new album. This is a radio rip, i dont see the hype about this track.


This track is a must hear, some new Ludacris, he raps about people breaking up,from "Brad leaving Jennifer for Angelina" to "Britney paying for K-Feds court case"...


  1. everyone raving about mcs "migrate" i dont like it one bit

  2. OMG!!! I sooooo heart Ludacris. He could most def get it even though he's a short guy. *Swooning* Fresh, I don't think I even read this post. My heart skipped a beat after seeing my future baby daddy, Luda. LOL


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