Wednesday, May 14, 2008

F&F::Mess Of The Moment


1::Papoose attempts a Michael Scofield. This fool gets banned from visiting his grifriend Remy Ma for 6 months, Because he tried to sneak in a handcuff key in prison, where they were supposed to get married.

2::Suge Knight getting knocked the **** out

3::Diddy himself practising bitchassness with Cassie on mothers day, such a mess

4::Latoya Jackson for.... well, for being Latoya Jackson

5::Beyonce and her crew, forcing these little kids to grow before their time in the new derion ad


  1. yeah all this is a mess.. Diddy has prolly slept with every chick on his label... remember when he was messing with aubrey from danity kane... now cassie...

    oh and when I saw that mess on TMZ with Shug... I damn near fell out on the floor.... hilarium!

  2. oh how i LOATHE that dereon ad!!! beyonce and her crew should be ASHAMED!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree that Dereon ad is just a bit too much...shame on the parents for pimping their children out to this foolishness

  4. That Dereon thing is so sad...The whole label is tacky to me. Cassie and Diddy? Ah well....2 grown ass people making choices so no comment there...

    And Remy Ma & Papoose..are they for real?

  5. What else can I say?
    I'm flattered. You said I've got a fantastic gift of writing.

    Thanks very much.
    And I appreciate your on that post.
    What if it's making me like you...r blog more ;)


  6. I wonder how much time Papoose spent on planning his "brilliant" scheme. Sucker!

    All Suge Knight needs is a pillow & a blanket. He totally looks like he's getting his hours of sleep on that sidewalk.

    If Diddy got any closer to Cassie, he'd be inside of her jacket.

    Latoya Jackson will never be taken seriously as long as she keeps looking & dressing like that.

    Nobody should be wearing that House of Dereon crap...especially not children.

  7. I think you're right, it's all a real mess.


  8. Diddy needs to go crawl into a hole...


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