Thursday, May 01, 2008

F&F::Mini Round-up


It looks like this Maraih Carey and Nick Cannon mess is true. Access hollywood are saying that she is engaged to Nick Cannon 4real 4real...Read more
If that aint some BS i donno, How long would they have known each other, shes like 37 and he is in his 20's...A mess, thats all ill say.

{{Update}} Reports are now saying they got married yesterday in an island that the wedding was intimate and "very impulsive." and it was attended by close pals...and also the ring Nick Cannon gave Mimi was the same ring, he gave for his last girlfriend..

This for me, has confirmed the whole story as BS


Hollyscoop are reporting that they have confirmation that Beyonce is pregnant. Isn’t this the same situation that happened to her sister Solange, got pregnant a teenager and got married? Anyway, she aint no teenager and herself and Jay-z have been a solid couple for a long time now, so good luck to them, if there’s any truth in it..Read the Article


Following the success of “Damaged” from the No. 1 smash-hit album “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, Diddy’s dark angels Danity Kane will film the video for their second single “Bad Girl” next month in Los Angeles. In the video Aubrey, Aundrey, D. Woods, Dawn, and Shannon will take of the Divas of WWE wrestling; Kelly, Layla, Maria, Melina, and Mickie. Which ‘bad girls’ will win the fight? The video will be directed by Melina (Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo - not to be confused with the WWE’s Melina) and debut this summer

Sounds like another one of my dreams,lol...



Check out the single cover for Rhianna new single "Take a Bow". If you have seen the video, peep it here.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh serious make overs going on in blogville....hmmmm I think I like it...

  2. Mariah and Nick Cannon...hahahahahahahhah now I have heard it all...hahahahhahaha...big mess about to explode..

    B is a big girl, so if she wants a baby then....she sure knows wht'a done to get one...well at least Jay-Z does..

    Didn't know danity kane was a one hears their name...

    OMG Rihanna looks like Janet Jackson!!!

  3. Mariah should give up and marry Da Brat.

    Beyonce better be pregnant I can't wait to see how this kid looks. I doubt it though.

  4. M.C and nick "i suck my own dick cannon" need to go sit DOWN somewhere...attention whores

    I been saying all along Bey was pregger's..why get married all willy nilly if she wasn't?

    Was there a vid for DK's damaged?

    i don't really check for Ri Ri like that, and i don't like the song.

  5. I hope Bey and Jay are pregnant! That's gonna be one fierce babe.

    I see someone has changed his monkier along with his page layout. I'm digging both.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. lol @ bahama, you have made my day with your comment

  8. oh wow, freshnfab, i have missed a lot

    first and formost, i love the new look, i must confess the other one was a bit of a mess,lol sorry

    beyonce is pregnant wow, jayz didnt take long

    mariah carey and nick cannon are engaged, that small boy


  9. lol for mariah and nick cannon...

    Ms beyonce having a baby if its true i wish her the and jayz the best....

  10. Okay so no one's gonna mention the star tattoo on Rih- Rih's ear?? Love the song.

  11. Na mariah sabi!!!
    if beyonce is preggers,dat is fantastic news!!!!!!y not???dat pic looked sooo cute


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