Sunday, May 18, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Cassie-Music In Me {Worth The Listen}


Diddy's latest squeeze
Cassie is working on a new album due in September. Some tracks have been leaking, I havent realy posted them because I didnt think they were anything special. Just the usual cliche Cassie. But this one had me going.You just gotta hear it to know what im talking asbout.

After that 106 & Park pereformance I was concinced she couldnt sing, but she really brought it on this track. She was accually hitting high notes, Im now looking forward to see what she brings with this album.


  1. funny enough, i like this chic. her voice is well, her voice!
    i like that 'is it you' song.

  2. u sure thats cassie?


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