Thursday, May 08, 2008

Together Ella Ella Ella eh eh


Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted at their local KFC in Miami last night. After countless attempts at denying their relationship, correct proof is here. Not like we didn't know anyway

They look like a genuine couple. Wish em long last


  1. OMG! Eww. Lol. I was a denial all along, convincing myself it wasn't true. Just don't like Chris Brown for Rihanna . . . . sue me!

  2. awww.. good for them, i like it how, they didnt go on all the covers on every magazing saying we are dating, thats what i like about them,.a nice legit relationship

  3. after all the denials??? lol..

    they look good together though...

  4. they look ard together. he jus get on my fuckin nerves i jus thought she would have better taste. he act imature.


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