Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Sex and the City: The Movie" New York Premiere

The "Sex and the City: The Movie" Premiere took place in New York on Tuesday. EVeryone looked really nice.


  1. I loved Michelle Williams dress, sooo pretty!

  2. Oh, and I am just going to publish these photos! I love SATC and I am glad to enjoy this new movie!!!!

  3. yeah, especially Mary J. though am not feeling dat lil' kim's attire o

  4. love mitchell's look, aint feeling Mary J tho'.

    *babes hope u r gud?

  5. SJP usually gets it right, but it looks like she's dragging a garbage bag behind her in the 2nd pic.

    Don'tlike Kim Cattrall's dress.

    Cynthia Nixon looks blah.

    I like Michelle williams' hair & makeup.

    Oh my gosh! Lil Kim is covered up! I think her outfit is nice. In the ist pic, she reminds me of Jordin Sparks.

    Jennifer Hudson looks sharp.

    Fergie looks nice.

    I don't like Mary J. Blige's dress.

  6. I actually really like SJP's dress--the color, the fabric, the cut--it's all very Carrie!

  7. She is very gorgeous.She has posted her nice profile on a celeb dating site "marr ymilli onai re. co m " . she is hot on that club. Many rich guys were seeking for her.

  8. I love SITC, but I'm not sure I want to see the movie at a theatre. I'll wait until it comes out on DVD so that I can watch it at home

    Kim's and J Hud's stylists need to be shot.

  9. SJP coudn´t be better, she is really a princess...

    a kiss,
    you are at my links of the day!
    see you,

  10. You do so out do yourself with so much stuff on your blog. Lov'n it!

  11. Michelle better work! That's what i'm talking about Millie!

  12. Ahem... Lil Kim please get off the red carpet.

    Michelle looks very beautiful and put together in the first shot, but the frontal shot looks kinda like she was caught while ending one smile and trying to restart another one.

    Mary J.... Hmmm , girl you know better than this. You're not at home, or at the kids parent teacher meeting.

    Fergie... loose the jacket.

    Samantha from SATC... Hmmm, it could have been pulled up a tad.

  13. Dammit is it Friday yet?!? I cant wait til to see this movie!!

  14. SJP, and mary are looking ultra fab! why is fergie standing so gap-legged? and for some reason, i like j. hud's works for me!


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