Friday, May 02, 2008

Take The idiot to Nigeria

All I’m saying is, Give him just one month in Nigeria, He will learn some sense. How can the parents let the child get this out of hand?

"No video games for a whole weekend" SMH


  1. I agree joo. Which kin rubbish? "I wanted to do some hoodrat stuff with my friend. Can my mom help pay for it." Nonsense. See the poor woman's car now, and several thousand dollars she would need to pay. She better wipe his ass now with some nice koboko (Haiti is not far and koboko can be easily imported) before he carries this idiotic behavior too far.

    This one pass send am to Naija. Send him to Naija, and drop him in Ilisan, or Rumuepirikom, or some other deeply trado place in Naija where he can learn and understand how far.

  2. I felt like slapping him through the computer!
    definitely not the child of my mum! he'd have been to heaven and back before THINKING of taking her car keys!


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