Friday, May 02, 2008

Ushe "I wont pimp out my child for money"

Unlike other stars, Usher refused to do a photo shoot with his child

“In no way would I ever pimp out my child for money,” Usher [said]. “I am livid that people talk about my child.” In fact, he has posed - for free - with his son for an “incredible” Father’s Day cover for Essence magazine.

Well I’m not with him on that, if he doesn’t want to take photos fine, don’t call it pimping out the child for money. Watevs that’s what I think.

So he is saying, all these people pimp their Kids for Money



  1. You can't win on this "I-gotta-sell-my-baby-pictures-for-cash" topic, lmao!

    I applaud Usher for NOT going that route but it also seems like the urban celebrities don't get any love unless they're on that "A-List" status.

    Hopefully Halle Berry will pick up this new 'trend' Usher has jumpstarted.

  2. yup,i am so totally with u on dat.if u dont wanna take photos,fine.if its d money part then do it for free..........long hisssss!!!
    sayin they were pimping thr kids is not in line


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