Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 BET Awards::Red Carpet

Wait...Theres More

More Pics After The Jump

Who Rocked Black Better? Rihanna Alcia Keys or Ciara?

Who Rocked Black Better (The Guys) Usher, Lil Wayne or Chris Brown

Who rocked Yellow better? Rihanna or Keyshia Cole

Best Dress Male (Who do you think)

Best Dressed Female

Cassie #1 ::I dig the lost puppy look::

Jordin Sparks#2 looks amazing Love it

Rihanna #3 had to be here, Yellow is def her colour.

Worst Dressed Males

Soulja Boy #1-Very Trampy look

T-pain #2-Never have words for this guy.

Worst Dressed Females

Ashanti #1-Wasnt feeling her get-up at all

JD New artist Dondria #2- She looked a damn fool.

Keri Hilson #3-Wasnt feeling her.

*More pictures from the Red Carpet*

*!*From the Show*!*


  1. wow. alicia, j. hudson, & rihana look smoking! but, woz with d purple lips on rihana? & alicia added some gangsta flava? wot d hell for?

  2. Love Rihanna in Yellow. Such unusual feminine style )))

  3. i like rihanna n yellow, love the dress, cudda have been softer on the face..what the hell is going on with solanges hair

    keisha cole looked stupid, cassie was cute...

    wasnt really feeling keri hilson

    mc lyte i liked

    jordin was the best dressed for me, she looked amazing

    i ask again, wat the heck was up with solanges hair

  4. I loved Riri's look and K. Keys' body is pretty banging. Solange...mehh

  5. best dressed woman (black) - tie between ciara and rihanna.

    best dressed man (black) - none of them were really doing it for me.

    loved jordin's red dress.

    dondria is the worst dressed because she looked like she was going to a tennis match not an awards show.

  6. Dude, i'm trying to close out the codes,
    because the pics are making the browser scroll bar, extra small.
    and it wont let me.... :|

    and btw GO WEEZY!

  7. I missed the whole thing, stuck in the airport in NYC. I'm glad I can come here to catch up.

  8. T-Boz and Chilli better WORK. And Jordin Sparks!!! My Gowd...she is getting her sexy on, no. Ashanti!! I have NO WORDS...excellent coverage, i couldn't watch b/your spot clued me in!

  9. Great post with so much interesting pictures.
    Love Rihanna in yellow (also in black ;) )


  10. I am still surprised that people take the BET Awards seriously as an award show. I got irritated trying to watch it last night because one of the folks that won weren't even there! I mean...did they not get the memo!?

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  11. not feeling solange at all!!loved alicia keys performance and the outfit!!!not sure about rihanna tho


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