Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ashanti Soundcheck Concert

{[Click The Picture to Watch The Performances]}

Ashanti did an exclusive Soundcheck session with Walmart for her fourthcoming album "The Decleration".

She performed

1. You're Gonna Miss [Hottest Performance]
2. In These Streets [Hmm...]
3. The Way That I Love You[Aight]
4. Girlfriend [Aight]
5. Foolish [Hot]
6. Only You [Hot]

She also opens up about music, acting, - and the business of being Ashanti. She did a good job, You can see she put alot of effort intot he performances, thats what i love the most. And she looked amazing.

Her new album "The Decleration" Hits stores June 3rd. Will you be picking up a copy?


  1. Yeah, I liked very much what I saw of the performance.
    And I love her red shoes ;)


  2. I'm getting the album!!..cant wait till tuesday

    shes grown so much..

  3. really cool!
    i wanna see now mAdonna´s!

    a kiss!!

  4. the album leaked the other day and i like what i've heard of it. Im gonna be picking up a copy.

    Thanks 4 posting these haven't seen them anywhere else/

    Fucking love ur site man !!!


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