Sunday, June 01, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Madonna - 'Give It 2 Me'

Check out the new video from Madonna "Give It 2 Me". From her smash hit album "Hard Candy". This is the first time I’m hearing another song from her album. Still haven’t listened to the album yet, maybe I should give the album a listen because this song is sounding kinda nice in my ear.

Although the video doesn’t near her "4 Minutes" video, it’s not that bad. I didn’t like the opening though, But I loved the bit when Pharrell came in. It was an OK video overall


  1. Oh, I was prepeared to watch the video, but it gave this We're sorry, this video is no longer available"
    What about now can you fixe this?

  2. this video is as cheap as chips. Madonnas a huge star she should be having the best videos out there.

    There are much better songs on the album so why choose this awful song as the 2nd single ??

    bad bad bad bad video & single choice


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