Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Audio: 50 Cent & Young Buck Phone Conversation

So this morning I ran across audio of a conversation with 50 Cent and Young Buck, in the Audio is sounds as if Buck is crying, pleading is case on why he shouldn't be dropped from or why he should be re-added to G-Unit. To me the whole situation is funny, i'm not a fan of either but I found this conversation to be very interesting. 50 claims he was dropped because he didn't stay close enough and for depths that Buck was in. I also think it was very rude of 50 to put it onto the web, it should have been kept confidential. Some say it was before the drop, some say it's after, either way he was crying like a little bitch.

Part One
Part Two


  1. i adore 50 cent, his music is fantastic!!!

    a kiss!!

  2. lmao, he is a bitch, take it like a fucking man...and 50 is a bastard putting the convo out there

  3. This was crazy! I believe Buck was really messed up over this and lookin' to make things work and you gotta respect a man for doin' that.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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