Thursday, June 19, 2008

F&F::Mini Round-up

For those who were upset that Soul Train was no more, well..."Soul Train" was sold to MadVision Entertainment Inc. and will be put back into production, according to reports from the LA Times. The purchase includes control of archives from the dance show's 37-year run. Woohoo. Source will be honored in the new category for "Best New Approaches" in Daytime Entertainment at the Emmy's. Becuase of his "Yes We Can Song" an ode to presidential candidate Barack Obama. Nice one.

Mariah Carey will not be performing at the "2008 BET Awards" which is in a couple of days. It has been reported that who was one of the first reported to perform ont he show, will no longer be taking the stage.

An updated list of performers and presenters for the 2008 BET Awards received
from this morning did not include Mariah. According to BET, "Since it's a live
show, there are always lots of last minute changes and updates." We'll let you know if we hear differently. Mariah is, however, expected to attend the awards proceedings. Mariah Daily

After a tape of an emotional conversation between Young Buck and 50 cent
recently leaked unto the net. Young Buck has hit back with a track, titled "The
Taped Conversation". Check that out here

A storm of Michelle Williams fans have been pissed these past few days, with the news that they wouldn’t be seeing her video “We Break the Dawn” on BET, because they claimed, it wasn’t urban enough (and yet they play Madonna). But they will be happy to know that its all cleared up now.

Hey y'all I wanted to be clear to you guys about BET. They did not reject my video for not being urban. It was just given to the channel this week as my urban radio plan is starting to take effect. The political side that I was referring to was how things happen in stages not always at the time that artist want it, it is a process! My video actually aired on BET yesterday on BET Now which I hosted and I will be hosting another episode on Friday as well. BET is supporting me (I know you guys want to see my in rotation on the channel and I was trying to address the many questions) and you will see break the dawn on the channel in the weeks to come so keep checking back for dates."


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