Monday, June 02, 2008

"Hot celebrity on the rise"


So some readers of freshandfab sent me and email about a "Hot celebrity on the rise" called James Holzier

So heres a little bit about him:

He has boys and girls from varying backgrounds and all ages clamoring on details on him. Who are also, calling him their own on the Net and across the globe. James Holzier is an Internet darling and he does not even know it.

"Oh man!" he exclaims when he learns he is the most searched-for person or thing on (The highest visited male celebrity site on the net) He climbed to number one Sept. 22, of 2006 and was one of the most searched-for male celebrities in the year 2007 and already 2008. According to and

A search for him reveals over 50,000 hits. And growing.

What accounts for his large growing popularity. He has a unique and inspiring upbringing. An attractive young man, yes, a magnetic personality, yes. All aided along with him. But most interesting is that the fact Holzier is an inspiring story which also aids him with humanistic appeal.

From what I have read on James, in person, though, he could not be more down-to-earth, polite, and full of life. Angular cheekbones, inviting brown eyes, and smiles are a constant thing with him, but hiding under his shirt is a toned body and a stomach that could cut roast beef. Yum!

Here are some tidbits on this hot favorite new rising Celebrity:

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- No doubt James Holzier is succeeding on his own terms. He has overcome odds, obstacles, and other tribulations his whole life. i.e. involved in a fire accident, receiving burns on his face. Advised by doctors he would have scarring, James remained positive, and bears no scars today.

- While most are pressured to take roles in Hollywood or most will do anything for instant stardom. James Holzier turned down roles that would have brought him instant fame. Unlike many and/or most in Hollywood who sell themselves for stardom. Instead Holzier followed his instincts and his passion. Operating on that. "You can get alot of ridicule for that," says an observer. "But to me it just means you know you are. I respect that alot."

- He was a birth that was told could not be. His mom before having him was told he would not be born. When his mom had him she was then told by doctors he would not make it. He proved professional doctors wrong both times.

- He admits he would fly across country or drive hours to spend time with that special girl in his life.

- He slept in his car for a month not because he had to but because he had to see what it was like from the other side.

- Courted to have many chances of instant stardom, but opted to follow his passion and instincts instead.

- Babes and Hunks which profiles the most international sexiest stars profiled Holzier. All of whom which are/or eventually are listed in People Magazine's - Annual 50 Most Beautiful People list

- Juicy UK in the United Kingdom (premiere celebrity gossip site) labeled him as one of the next big things in Hollywood.



  1. OMG! I love him!!

  2. new star...yummy....i want to throw him down on the floor!! Make sweet love to him!! hee hee

  3. new star...yummy....i want to throw him down on the floor!! Make sweet love to him!! hee hee


  5. hes great, knew him for awhile had an awesome time hanging out


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