Monday, June 02, 2008

Out and About With:


Cassie was recently spotted at Naomi Campbell's 38th birthday party in Cannes, hosted by Dolce & Gabbana. She looks AMAZING.

JoJo, Lloyd and Ashanti attended the "Ultimate Prom" hosted by Hearst Magazines and Universal Motown at the Grand Hyatt New York on May 30

Megan Good hit up Spike TV’s 2nd Annual “Guy’s Choice” Awards in LA on Friday. She was looking banging, i dont think I've ever seen her look this good.Now this is what i call sexy

Mel B also hit up the event, Looking Exceptionally remarkable too

My girl Monique was spotted at the "A Place Called Home" Achievement Award luncheon in Beverly Hills last night. Looking fly. Love this girl.

Pregnant Laila Ali also hit up the event.

Alicia Keys performed at the Summer Jam Concert in Ruthford, NY a couples of days ago. Im not a fan of this look. Stomach hanging out, not cute.

Tracee Ellis Ross hit up the "Chanel Celebrates New Concept Boutique" over the weekend looking "FWINE"

Cuba Gooding Jr was spotted over the weekend with his son in Malibu. Interesting look.

Christina Aguilera hit up the Launch of Stephen Webster Silver Collection at PURE at Caesars a couple of days ago, and then with a quick outfit change, she made it in time for the Party at LAX Nightclub at Luxor Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

Christina Milian was spotted at Prince’s Book Party Release in L.A. on Saturday. Whats going with her career?

Diddy was there too


  1. My absolute favs are Mel B and Cassie. They look stuuningly beautiful! Or I would die for such hairdos ....
    Thank you so much for sharing )))

  2. Cuba looks a mess. I can't believe they let him out wearing white socks with black sneakers.

    Alicia's pants should have been just a smidge bigger and her look would have been okay, though I don't like those boots with skinny jeans.

    Laila never looks feminine to me, but I love her preggers outfit. Too cute!

  3. Does Meagan Good EVER change her damn hairstyle?! My goodness. I would love to see another look on her.

  4. Mel B looks really good man. Whoever would've thought she was such a beautiful woman when she was being a tomboy with Spice Girls.

    Alicia, I am gonna need her to really get herself into better shape. As someone that really digs her beauty, I am disappointed that she is just lettin' it all hang out like this. Poor baby. SMH!

    Why is Cuba's kid bigger than him!? He needs to put that kid on a diet and in a gym ASAP!

    Does Christina have implants, because even a new mother's breasts don't sit up like this. Hmmm???

    Peaze out!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  5. Cassie face is gorgeous, but I don't like what she's wearing.

    Llyod looks like Tommy Davidson in that picture.

    Megan Goode looks fantastic & I super love the outfit. I see you, girl!

    Mel B looks amazing. Eat your heart out, Eddie Murphy!

    Mo'Nique looks like she decided to attend the luncheon at the last minute. This isn't one of her better looks.

    Laila Ali looks beautiful.

    Alicia Keys gets my "Stop" sign for the day. She knows better.

    In the first pic, Tracee Ellis Ross reminds me of "Mommie Dearest." Still loves her, though!

    I can't even focus on Cuba Gooding Jr. I'm wondering why his son is wearing those tan crocs.

    The Christinas: Has Aguilera ever considered buttoning up? We know she loves her boobs, but geez...
    Milian Looks pretty, as usual.

    Diddy is just Diddy.

  6. Everyone looked great, except for Monique. She looked little tired. Christina Aguilera looked fabulous.

  7. I was done at Monique's legs!

  8. Cassie looks hot! and OMG @ Mel B's's amazing-

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