Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jay-Z At Glastonbury Festival

Last Night (June 28) Jay-Z took stage at the Glastonbury Festival which was held in London, he was preceded by singer Amy Winehouse but he was the headliner,

Until Jay-Z finally took to the stage on Saturday night, it had been a three-way split as to what the big story of Glastonbury 2008 was going to be: Amy Winehouse, the mud or the possibility of Jay-Z being the first headline act to be bottled off stage.

In the event, Jay-Z at Glastonbury 2008 proved to be the most thrilling headline act for more than a decade. We should have known that the artist, who retired briefly from making music in 2003 because there was nothing new left to achieve, would relish this sort of challenge.

A video montage chronicling the furore that had led up to this most controversial of bookings began with Noel Gallagher piously proclaiming: “Sorry, but Jay-Z, I'm not f***ing having him at Glastonbury.” Then came Jay-Z, contemptuously miming Wonderwall while strumming a guitar. Finally, an explosion of hip-hop beats heralded 99 Problems. With his biggest hit behind him, he declared: “My name is Jay-Z and I'm pretty f***ing awesome.” He made light work of proving it with the elastic funk of I Know What Girls Like.

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In related News, Beyoncé was also spotted cheering him on at last nights Festival,



  1. He tore that event up has a great 30 min footage of his performance. Jay shows you how to move the crowd.

  2. i've never been a Jay Z fan, but i have 2 admit, he knows god music. of course beyonce would cheer him on! she's his wife!

  3. uua, beyonce gorgeous, always!

    kisses honey!

    i added you ;)

  4. great minds think alike! i just put up a post about the festival as well


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