Sunday, June 29, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Day26 - Since You've Been Gone

Check out the latest video from Day26, titled "Since you been gone". This is the second single off their #1 debut self titled album. The video features a cameo appearance from "Danity Kane’s, Dawn Richard" she plays Que’s love interest in the video. (After all they are going out).

I really like this song, I’m happy they made it a single. And the video is Great...Looks real good, I like it.

If you are into making the band, you would know that a new season of the show, which starts August 13th, 2008…After the cut are some pictures from the shoot and info on Danity Kane's "Bad Girl" video. The show has been switched to Wednesday nights, instead of it’s usually Monday night airings.

Wait...Theres More

And if you wondering about Danity Kanes video for "Bad Girrl"

hey guys!! We just wrapped the bad girl video in l.a.. its was craaaaazy! i think our best video yet!. nothing like you’ve seen from dk thus far. i wont give to much away cause i want you guys to live in suspense until the release, but i will say that dk will transform when then red light comes on!!!! lol

stay tuned !
DK are some BAD GIRLS!!!

love you guys!!!


  1. i wonder why i can't view the video. T_T

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