Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Michelle Williams Updates!

The Destiny's Child star, Michelle Williams has been doing heavy promotions this week, appearing on MTV, BET, Fuse and a wonderful interview with the day time Diva, Wendy Williams. While no new singles, or album change information has leaked, the album is still set to be released on August 12, 2008. I've received information on her future competition, Atlanta based rapper, T.I. is set to release on the same date. Above is the official album cover, check out the interview below and videos after the jump.

In the interview she covers everything from rumors about Destiny's Child Breakup, Dating, The 106th & Park Fall and of course, The New Album!

Michelle appeared on MTV's TRL earlier today, chechk out that video after the jump. Michelle also stated on her MySpace "We Break the Dawn" will not be on 106 & Park because it isn't "urban" enough, and well, we all know what that means.

Listen/Download Wendy Williams Interview

Michelle's birthday is also coming up, some of her sincerest fans are making her a Fanbook for her birthday, we different pictures and favorite stuff about her and the ladies of Destiny's Child. If you're fan and want your own page in the book, post in the comment or contact me on MySpace so I can forward you to the person in charge.


  1. I hope that's not the official album cover! lol' and you've been Meme'D!

  2. Oh, I feel so behind! I didn't know any of this. Thanks for hte update!

  3. quick u aint feeling that cover?.. i think its really nice..really into it

    she hosted that thing real good, why r bet trippin, they got Madonna all up in there and they try say, "We Break The Dawn" is too "POP". They had better stop actin a fool.

  4. I don't even know what that is...
    So i'm just sitting here trying to figure out..

  5. i dont like the cover, i hope its a fake

  6. why are you guys hating, that cover is fly!!!!!!!!and i like interview, and i enjoyed the Wendy interview

    thanks for the update

  7. Well, nope it's real.
    It was on TRL today.

  8. The cover is kinda bland, but I AM most def digging that hair cut. It's the hotness for real.

  9. The cover is OK, just think, she must look a bit sexier...


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