Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celebs Do TRL


Rihanna, Megan Good and Michelle Williams were all spotted on MTV's TRL this week. Rihanna and Megan were on yesterday, Whilst Michelle was on today.

Rihanna re-released album 'Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded' was out yesterday. So she was on to promote it.

Megan was on to promote her new movie The Love Guru, in which she co-stars.

Michelle Williams was on today to premiere her video "We Break The Dawn" and talk about her new album "Unexpected" out august 12th.

Watch Rhianna's Interview after the cut*


  1. You know there is one person in this whole world that can make me jealous........Megan Good. She got the prettiest lips in the world. I am a lip person and I am very much obsessed with lips. If I was her I would just kiss myself all the time.........LMAO!

  2. megan-why is she always wearing those Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Peep-Toe pumps,

    rihanna-nice, like the jacket, not feeling the hair though

    michelle-like the outfit,sexy mami

  3. everyone looks sexy...megan is my wife, hot stuff!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi, this is so cool. I love the pix, are you a professional Paparazzi, just curious, where do you get all this pxi from.

  5. I wonder if Riri is letting her hair grow out. It looks like that in between stage. They all look pretty good.

  6. Great post, with great pictures.
    love it

  7. Michelle Williams: I'd hit it!

    Rihanna: I'd hit it!

    Megan Good: I'd keep hittin' it!

    LOL! Seriously, these are some really nice lookin' young sistas, but can a brotha get more Kelly Rowland...wazzup with that man!?

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  8. Love the looks. Hot.

    Hugs from Angel.


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