Monday, June 23, 2008

New Music: A Milli Freestyles

Everyone knows about Lil' Waynes hit song A Milli well rapper Lil' Mama and Singer Ne-Yo have both made there own Freestyles putting their twist on the record,

Although I love and respect Lil' Mama, I never new she had it in her, who knew she could go this hard, off of the dome. In Ne-Yo's version is it me, or did he take a few low-blows at R&B Star, Chris Brown?

Ne-Yo's Version Listen/Download
Lil' Mama's Version Listen/Download
Who do you think murdered the track best out of the two??

I'm going with Lil' Mama


  1. neyo why, did you hear him scream like a girl.

  2. ...this song just will not STOP! LOL

  3. LMAO @ Anonymous.
    and quick, he's all over the place, eh?

  4. Constructive Criticizer23 June 2008 at 14:30

    I personally don't think Lil' Mama went as hard as everyone says she did. It was okay but... she needs to work on her metaphors.

  5. never heard of lil' mama yet. hmm. wanna hear her songs first. o_O but i like ne-yo. ^^

  6. im going with lil mama too, neyo one was ok, expect that hight pictch scream he did, or whatever that was


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